Monday, August 3, 2009

A long overdue update

Once again, I've been a major slacker with my blog. The last few months have been crazy busy and summer is just nuts. Most recently we just went to Portland for a couple weeks to spend time with Teem's family. We spent 4th of July weekend camping with the fam. I had a great time with his sisters and the kids. Our days were spent berry picking (mmmm, so yummy), going to free movies, playing in a fountain downtown Vancouver and just hanging out.
Life with three kids, for me, is so much fun, but I've had a really hard time taking pictures, journaling and all that. My kids constantly make me laugh and I've failed to write down all of the funny things they say. Luukas' favorite phrase when he's excited about something is, "Holy, moly smokes!" And he always says it with gusto. Also, when he talks he pronounces his f''s as w's (super fast becomes 'super wast'). Kaija is still very much a princess, usually in her own world. She was coloring in church last week and humming to herself and singing her own made up songs, albeit a little loud. A few months ago she approached me looking very sad, almost teary. Here's the conversation:

Me: What's the matter?
Kaija: Mommy, I don't want to die.
Me: Sweetheart, you aren't going to die anytime soon. (and we had a short conversation about heaven and all that)
Kaija: (still on the verge of tears) But mom, I don't want to die because there are no dress-ups in heaven.
Me: (trying very hard not to laugh, since the comment caught me very off guard) Well, I'm sure Heavenly Father would have things in heaven that make us happy.
Kaija: Oh, okay. And off she went to play.

So that sums up Kaija pretty well. As far as Miia, she's a beast. At her 9-month appointment, she weighed 21 pounds. Her favorite thing is bath time, but it doesn't last very long because it's kind of like trying to keep hold of a slippery, squirmy fish. She literally flops all over the bath tub. She's crawling and eating EVERYTHING, especially sand, when she can sneak a handful. I know, gross, huh. Well, I'm going to do my best to stay more updated with my blog so some of you can get off my back. :)

Blueberry picking