Monday, April 21, 2008

Another digital photobook

So I just finished Luukas' 2nd year photo album and thought I'd share it with anyone who wants to take a peek. GO HERE. I'm still learning a lot about the techniques and such, but compared to my first one, I've come a long way. To clear up any misunderstanding, I designed it online (and with photoshop) then printed it through a photobook company (this one is 'My Publisher') and you get an actual hard copy to put on your book shelf. I really recommend it to anyone who either doesn't paper scrapbook or like me, can't keep up with all the pictures. It's my newest hobby and I just can't say enough good about it. I know it's not as cute as a real scrapbook, but I'm all about practical these days. ENJOY!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

What do Angelina and I have in common?

No, it's not our 120 pound beautiful bodies (I wish) or the hunky man by our sides (mine is a different hunky man), but yes....we are pregnant. I would have made the announcement sooner, but someone told me it would make the pregnancy go by faster if you waited to tell people. Not true, so I didn't want to wait any longer because we are really excited (and nervous) about this. We find out in about 3 weeks what we are having. I'm due in September, so I'm not quite half-way. Other than about a week of feeling yucky at the beginning, it has been an uneventful and almost pleasant pregnancy. I say almost, because I think that would be a contradiction-in-terms. Anyway, I had to share a couple funny Kaija stories related to this upcoming baby. First of all, she is totally convinced that it's a girl and she wants to name it 'sweetie heart'. A few weeks ago she said she would name it 'special' if it was a boy, but just yesterday I asked her again what we would name it if it was a boy and she just said, "it's not a boy, it's a girl." So either she knows something we don't know or she is going to be a disappointed little girl. Also, a couple weeks ago I was showing enthusiasm about something she did and I said, "Oh Baby!" Kaija looked at me a little perplexed and asked, "Mom, is that what you say when the baby comes out of your belly?" Well, she keeps us smiling around here. We'll keep you posted when we learn anything more about our little "Sweetie Heart Scarborough."

Friday, April 4, 2008

California Fun

So I didn't get online even once while we were away and it was actually kind of nice, though I've had to do some catching up on everyone's lives. We had a wonderful time in Cali and are kind of sad to be back. The weather was wonderful (not so much the 40's and a little dreary). We spent the majority of our time at Teem's sister's house and my kids had a blast playing with cousins. Teem also assembled a play structure for them, so it kept him and the kids busy, which was nice. We spent an afternoon at the beach playing in the sand and flying kites...a little too cold for the water, but we enjoyed every minute of sunshine. I feel like my body had been craving sunshine and I didn't even care when I got a sunburn, because it felt good, in a twisted sort of way. Anyone who lives in cold country can probably relate, I'm sure. We also spent two days at Disneyland and California Adventure. It was CRAZY busy but we still managed to enjoy ourselves. I'm pretty sure Luukas was in shock of overstimulation or something, because he pretty much sat quietly in his stroller for the entire two days. Poor guy. Kaija loved every minute of it...especially the fireworks and seeing the princesses. She also went on thunder mountain railroad with us and said she enjoyed it, but I'm not sure by the look of terror on her face. We took the kids on the Haunted Mansion ride. Kaija was pretty scared at the beginning (I didn't remember that part when I was a kid) but as soon as she saw the ghosts dancing in the ballroom, she got all excited and said, "look mommy, princesses." Never mind they were dead princesses...small detail that I didn't feel I needed to explain at the time. She thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the ride after that. The second day we spent with my parents and sister, Holly with her family. It's always nice to see family. The only bad part about our trip was the night we got home, Teem was sick with the stomach flu, which isn't my favorite way to return from vacation, but so far the rest of us have stayed healthy. (Hopefully I didn't just jinx us). Oh yeah, for all you Office fans, Teem had a Dunder Mifflin t-shirt on and Chip (as in Chip-n-Dale) came up to Teem to get a picture with him 'cause he liked his shirt. We thought it was funny.

Blueberry picking