Friday, August 31, 2007

A trip to the dentist

So yesterday I had an appointment with my dentist, who happens to be my husband. I'm still not sure that is a healthy relationship for husband and wife (Dentist/patient). In the past, I have been labeled as Teem's worst patient (by Teem). I think it's only because I hate getting shots and I'll tell him every time he's making me uncomfortable. But, I am happy to say that yesterday I had the most pleasant experience ever. I had two crowns done (one replacement and one to cover a cracked tooth) as well as two fillings (it's been a while since I've had a check-up). Anyway, thanks to some nitrous oxide, I had a wonderful time. I think I laughed out loud a couple times, but at least I knew the dentist pretty well, so it wasn't embarrassing. I think that Dr. Scarborough did a fantastic job, so thanks. He loves what he does and it shows and I am so grateful that he enjoys his work. That's it for now.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Last weekend

We went to the North Idaho Fair on Saturday and the kids had a great time. Of course they had rides and all that good stuff. Kaija and Luukas really liked seeing the animals. There was also a kids play area where they rode bikes through a maze and made necklaces.
Teem also decided to wash the car and of course the kids had to help. Luukas really got into it and was being quite meticulous about his work. :) They both ended up totally soaked, but that's all part of the fun. Sunday we went to a friends house and Kaija got a second birthday cake and loved the attention AGAIN. Kaija hasn't had a single wet accident since she first used the potty last week, but I had her first #2 accident while we were at McDonald's. I took the kids there since it was her actual birthday and Teem was out of town. She hadn't pooped for about 4 days, so I figured I would need to give her a suppository eventually, but I saw her holding her bum while she was in the playplace and I knew we were too late. So I won't go into any gross details, but you can imagine the clean-up. To make things worse, I sat her on the potty to make sure she was done and it was one of those automatic flushers and she was so terrified she was shaking when it flushed randomly. (I don't think she will ever go potty again at "Old McDonald's" as she calls it, for the rest of her life) But, tonight she successfully went #2 at home, so I'm feeling accomplished as a mother today. That was our weekend in short.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Digital Scrapbooking

So I am kind of into digital scrapbooking. I used to enjoy regular scrapbooking until I realized I couldn't possibly keep up with my kids scrapbooks if I wanted to do them. I just finished Kaija's 3rd year scrapbook and here's a link to it if anyone is interested. I'm a rookie and will probably never be really creative like the ones you see on websites and in magazines, but for me it works great and I don't spend tons of time one them. I'll be adding more links to my blog of the websites I like.
Kaija's scrapbook link
Hawaii Scrapbook

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Potty training success

I just thought I'd share some good news...Kaija used the potty!!! I decided to try again (I think this was round 3). The first two times were awful experiences where Kaija would hold her pee for the ENTIRE day and just wouldn't go. So two days ago, I paused the movie we were watching and said, "As soon as your go on the potty, I'll start the movie again." I know it might sound mean, but I have tried EVERYTHING, so I was desperate. She is starting preschool in a week, so the pressure was on. Although I was going to just cheat the system, since she was pretty good at holding it all day I figured she could hold it for 3 hours in the morning. :) But now I might not have to cheat. She's definitely not totally trained, but any progress is good for me.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Weekend in Vancouver and Portland

We spent the weekend with Teem's family and celebrated Kaija's 3rd birthday a little early. She got a couple dresses from her grandparents, so she was in heaven. We had so much fun seeing family and Kaija especially enjoyed playing with her cousin Riley. At Grandma and Grandpa Scarborough's house, we picked a bunch of blackberries. Yummmy! Luukas got really good at finding and picking the ripe ones all by himself. Kaija went with Mummi (Teem's mom) and Teem to pick some blueberries, although I think more ended up in her mouth than in the bucket. Oh well. They also got to play with the kids at the day care at Mummi's house, so there was plenty of entertainment. We even drove both ways without turning on the dvd player once and the kids were perfectly happy. (Kaija won't sleep if there is a movie on). That's a first for us.

Blueberry picking